CarpetX Transition

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Transitioning to CarpetX

  • Reviewers
    • Steve Brandt
    • Roland Haas
    • Zach Etienne
    • Sam Cupp
  • We should have documentation
    • Documentation should be versioned along with the code
    • How to build (standard images)
    • How to write loops
    • How to make use of flux
    • How to do time integration
    • How to write boundary conditions
    • How to specify things in CCL files
    • How to get mesh refinement
    • How to analyze results from openPMD/SILO
    • How to interpolate data
  • Simfactory should remember the machine and any configs using it should use that machine
  • We should have tutorials covering the above
  • We should have gallery examples
    • GW150914
    • TOV star
    • and more, about 10 things
  • What thorns need to be migrated over?
    • Algorithms: Algo, Arith, CarpetX, Coordinates, Derivs, ErrorEstimator, Loop, ODESolvers, PDESolvers
    • Physics: ADMBase, HydroBase, TmunuBase
    • Examples: Poisson2, WaveToyX
    • Tests: TestArrayGroup, TestInterpolate, TestMultiPatch, TestNorms, TestODESolvers, TestODESolvers2, TestOutput, TestProlongate, TestSymmetries
    • There are also a few new ExternalLibraries thorns, currently owned by Roland: ADIOS2, AMReX, NSIMD, openPMD, Silo, ssht, yaml_cpp
  • Do test cases cover the functionality?
  • The reviewers need to look at the code
  • A timeline for the review