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Instructions: To propose a new working group (long term, ongoing activities) or development group (well defined software or tool development with a clear end) fill out this template document and post it to the wiki. (That is, e.g. place it on google doc and put a URL on the wiki for discussion at next weekly meeting).

  • Make sure that everyone listed as contributing has agreed to the content.
  • Make sure that everyone listed is also listed as a member of the Einstein Toolkit Consortium on our web pages.


Delete as Appropriate: Working Group / Development Group



Initial Members:

Funding: (e.g. grant details, institutional support, volunteer)

Background: (e.g. explain the motivation, context, and connection to other work)

Development: If a Development Group describe the development activities which will take place

Activities: If a Working Group describe the activities which will be pursued.

Milestones: Include milestones with dates for the group which will be used to track progress.

Deliverables: Include deliverables for the development group or working group with dates (e.g. beta releases, full releases, documentation, workshops, web pages created, etc)

Engagement: Describe how other interested people can get involved or find out more about the activities of the group.