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List of participants for Christian Reisswig's presentation on 2012-02-04

(see for details)

We will use WebEx for Christian's presentation. You need to register to receive an invitation email for WebEx about one hour before the presentation. You register by adding your name and email address to the list below. Please register at least two hours before the talk begins. If you cannot / do not want to register in public, then send email to Erik Schnetter <> instead.

(Yes, we know that it is inconvenient and somewhat counter-productive to have to register. We are working on this. Apologies.)

NOTE: I have removed the email addresses to help conserve privacy. If you still want to participate, please contact me directly.

  • Erik Schnetter
  • Barry Wardell
  • Scott Noble
  • Roland Haas
  • Tanja Bode
  • David Radice
  • Daniela Alic
  • Bruno Giacomazzo
  • Ian Hawke
  • Tim Lemon
  • John Muddle
  • Vassilios Mewes
  • Bruno Mundim