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AsterX is a new open-source GRMHD code based on the CarpetX infrastructure. The source code for AsterX can be found here.

Feature Requirements

  • Flux Solvers
    • Lax-Friedrichs (completed)
    • HLLE 3rd order (completed, final testing: Jay)
    • HLLE 4th order (TODO)
    • HLLE 6th order (TODO)
    • HLLD (TODO)
  • Reconstruction Methods
    • MinMod (completed)
    • PPM (completed, final testing: Lorenzo)
    • WENO (TODO)
  • Con2Prim Schemes
    • 2D Noble (completed, still testing)
    • 1D Palenzuela (completed, still testing)
    • 1D Newmann-Hamlin (TODO)
    • 3D NR (TODO)
    • 1D RePrimAnd (TODO)
  • EOS Framework
    • Ideal Gas (completed)
    • Polytropic (TODO: Jay)
    • Piecewise-polytropic (TODO)
    • Hybrid (TODO)
    • Finite temperature tabulated (TODO)
  • Vector Potential evolution
    • Flux CT (completed)
    • Upwind CT - HLLE (TODO: Lorenzo)
    • Upwind CT - HLLD (TODO)


  • 1D tests
    • Balsara testsuite low resolution (completed)
    • Balsara testsuite high resolution AMR (TODO)
  • 2D tests
    • Cylindrical Explosion (TODO: Jay)
    • Magnetic Rotor (TODO: Lorenzo)
    • Loop Advection (TODO: Lorenzo)
    • Kelvin Helmholtz Instability AMR (TODO)
    • Rayleigh Taylor Instability AMR (TODO)
  • 3D tests
    • Magnetized TOV (TODO: Liwei, Jay)
    • Magnetized Fishbone-Moncrief BH disk (TODO)
    • Magnetized BNS (TODO)
  • Scaling Tests
    • Weak Scaling (TODO: Liwei)
    • Strong Scaling (TODO: Liwei)
  • Profiling
    • Using TOV tests (TODO)