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  • Since spacetime-excision is not actively used anymore and not supported by an evolution thorn within the ET, this will be the last time LegoExcision will be part of an Einstein Toolkit release. Please consider other options if you rely on it, or let us know so that we can reconsider this decision.


  • EOSG_*: Support for the so-called 'general EOS interface' has been dropped from the Einstein Toolkit
  • The *_O2 versions of McLachlan have been removed from the toolkit. This functionality is already provided by the regular McLachlan thorns now.
  • The old library mechanism in Cactus (e.g. HDF5=yes) is now deprecated. Expect it to be removed in one of the next releases.
  • The thorns ADM and LegoExcision are deprecated and will be removed in one of the next releases.
  • GRHydro: remove (now) unused old Tmunu interface</li


  • A parameter CarpetLib::interpolate_from_buffer_zones was introduced which, in order to get the correct behaviour (not to use the buffer zones for interpolations), should be set to "no". However, since this changes the way things had been done in the past and this change isn't well tested yet, the default is still "yes" (as like before the parameter was introduced). The default will very likely be changed for the next Einstein Toolkit release, after more testing.
  • EinsteinExact: New arrangement, to eventually replace the Exact thorn. The thorns in this arrangement are generated by Kranc
  • TmunuBase: support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism is now deprecated and is likely to be removed soon
  • McLachlan: Change the default value of apply_dissipation to "never".


  • TmunuBase: change the default of "support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism" to "no"
  • EOS_Omni: remove poly_gamma_ini
  • GRHydro: remove poly_gamma_ini



  • Removed components
    • ADM
    • LegoExcision
  • Deprecated components (still included, but don't use for new code)
    • ADMConstraints (use ML_ADMConstraints instead)
    • ADMCoupling
    • ADMMacros
    • DistortedBHIVP
    • IDAxiBrillBH
    • IDAxiOddBrillBH
    • RotatingDBHIVP
  • Cactus flesh: Cactus complex number arithmetic functions are deprecated
  • Cactus: Drop explicit support for Fortran 77 in Cactus
  • ADMConstraints: remove support for conformal metrics
  • GRHydro: rewrite major parts of the code in c++, both versions are still included, the c++ version is not enabled by default yet (see parameter use_cxx_code). The default will change for the next release and the Fortran version will be removed after that.
  • Kranc: Remove old code, including obsolete Fortran code generation which hasn't been used or worked for a long time


  • Deprecated components (still present)
    • ADMCoupling
    • ADMMacros
  • HDF5: Enable fortran interface by default, disable C++ interface by default.
  • Cactus: Plan to change output filename format from implementation::groupname to implementation-groupname. Introduced new parameter IOUtil::out_group_separator which currently defaults to '::' to maintain compatibility. The next release will change this to '-' for compatibility with Windows filesystems.


  • GRHydro: Enable C++ code by default, Fortran code still present, but deprecated.
  • Cactus: Change default output filename format from implementation::groupname to implementation-groupname (parameter IOUtil::out_group_separator).


  • McLachlan: re-write of the BSSN thorns: some parameter names changed. Backwards compatible parameter names exist, but the old are deprecated now. Please switch to the new, more consistent, parameter names.


  • no deprecated or removed (functional) features


  • no deprecated or removed features


  • The Tmunu parameter support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism, will be removed after this release. If you rely on this, your code is probably unnecessarily slow. Let us know if the removal would create a problem for you.
  • Most of the Fortran code in GRHydro was already replaced by more modern, and much easier to maintain C++ code. Up to now, both versions are compiled, and can be chosen at start-time. For a few releases the C++ versions are the default. After this release, the Fortran versions will be removed. Let us know if the removal would create a problem for you.


  • no deprecated or removed features


  • no deprecated or removed features


  • Subversion infrastructure for thorns is no longer maintained at LSU. Instead, the svn checkout mechanism supported by is used.


  • no deprecated or removed features


  • incorrect READ / WRITE statements will be an error after this release
  • non-piraha parser will be removed form CST after this release