ET Workshop Fall 2011 MHD

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Current Status

  • MHD implemented in "parallel" to non-MHD code in GRHydro
  • Variables:
    • HydroBase: primitives
    • GRHydro: conservatives
  • GRHydro: Calculate magnetic pressure in calculation of Tmunu, and store it
  • Riemann: only HLLE and local Lax-Friedrich, no Roe, no Marquina (Bruno: HLLE)
  • HLLC or HLLD should be better than HLLE
  • Con2Prim
    • works for polytropic cases
    • all NR-based, only choice of variables
    • Multiple guesses sometime necessary: should be "supported"
  • Bruno: divergence cleaning worked smoothly until merger
    • Putting everything in source-terms doesn't work well
  • Whisky implements
    • contraint transport (problems with AMR)
    • divergence cleaning (not very well tested)
    • vector potential
      • at the center of the cell works, using KO-Dissipation
      • at the edge works as well (e.g. Zach Etienne), but requires special prolongation operators in Carpet -> not public