ET Workshop Fall 2011 Summary ET

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Radiation Transport


  • Roland implemented (unigrid) constraint transport
  • Tanja started to implement vector potential method (at cell centers)
  • Christian R. would look into extending Carpet to include prolongation/restriction operators to support full constraint transport and/or vector potential on the edges
  • Frank cleaned up a couple of identified old stuff


  • EOSG_Base is not used
    • Will be archived
  • EOS_Base is still used by Whisky/GaTech code, and is unlikely to be discontinued there
    • Will not be supported in the future by the ET, but will remain in Cactus
  • EOS_Omni
    • Is not fully implemented - should be not a lot of work but is not needed atm
    • Josh fixed/added some missing EOS/MHD variants
  • Todo
    • test, test, test EOS+MHD
    • fix NS with hot EOS
    • handle multiple compositions (for supernovae collapse)