ET Workshop Summer 2013 (New Users Workshop)

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Summer Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2013

The users workshop is part of the CGWAS and will be held on the last day of the summer school (Friday). Currently the programme lists introduction to numerical relativity, an introduction to the ET and two hands-on sessions. The big hands-on session from last year was too technical and should be reworked if used at all. Instead we could consider running a very short head-on nsns run and analysing the data. The runs takes ~20min at a ridiculously low resolution, but might be sufficient to shows how it's done.

Spacetime Coordinates and Contact Information

The new users workshop is part of CGWAS and is held on the last day of the school (Friday).

Workshop email list:, emergencies: Frank Löffler (, +1-225-202-1752) or Roland Haas (, +1-404-386-3657)

List of Lecturers

Below are the ET volunteers who will be presenting or heading parts of the sessions.

Name Affiliation
Roland Haas Caltech Introduction to the ET
Erik Schnetter Perimeter Institute Introduction to numerical relativity
Frank Löffler LSU Introduction to the ET
Joshua Faber RIT hands-on session
Steve Brandt LSU hands-on session


Day Time Activity Presenter / Responsible
Fri 9:00-10:30 Introduction to Numerical Relativity Erik Schnetter
Fri 10:30-11:00 Break
Fri 11:00-11:40 Introduction to the Einstein Toolkit, Overview Frank Löffler
Fri 11:40-12:30 Introduction to the Einstein Toolkit, Details Roland Haas
Fri 12:30-14:00 Lunch
Fri 14:00-14:20 Introduction to hands-on environment: simfactory and installing VisIt Steven Brandt
Fri 14:20-14:40 Introduction to hands-on Cactus thorn-writing Roland Haas
Fri 14:40-15:00 Introduction to hands-on visualization within the Einstein Toolkit Roland Haas
Fri 15:00-15:30 Break
Fri 15:30-17:30 Hands-on, center of mass for analysis purposes (simple way) everyone helping
Fri 17:30-18:00 Examples of ET production usage Christian Reisswig


Hands on exercises

Running and extending (par-file) of two provided examples: perturbed, single BH, and perturbed, single TOV star
Hands-on: Using visualization tools to look at meaningful quantities ( TOV profile evolutions ) (slides)
Create movie of either BH+GW or TOV oscillations using VisIt (slides, TOV session file, TOV data file, Psi4 session file, Psi4 data file)
Hands-on: Implement your own thorn (neutron star tracking), and visualize it, in teams of about 5 people (, more information at end of wiki