EU Einstein Toolkit Workshop, Lisbon, 2018

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Workshop page:

Discussion session

Proposed working groups review

WG1: interface with experiments (Sascha to lead)

WG2: performance (already exists)

WG3: maintainers club

  • Ian to leave
  • Helvi to join

WG4: matter codes

  • google doc exists (Bruno)
  • no more updates since
  • suggestion: to coordinate / merge with IllinoisGRMHD

WG5: Initial data

  • low priority

WG6: outreach & education

  • already exists

WG7: Datavault

  • hosted at NCSA
  • Qian has finished postdoc and moved to University of Waterloo
  • repository exits
  • Sascha suggests to use public LIGO format, as is currently done already
  • planning to get a student to continue working on it

Working groups update

Cosmology and particles (Helvi and Eloisa)

  • Eloisa has left; volunteers welcome to join lead the group
  • Goals: Modified theories, High-energy, cosmology, ...
  • diverse team, different expertise. has people that work with other codes (not only ET based)
  • idea is to match people doing theory and numerical development
  • regular calls every first monday of month at 16h30 (UK, PT), 10h30 (CDT)
  • idea is to move forward with specific projects
  • everyone welcomed to join

Task scheduler (Erik, Steve, Sam, Roland)

  • essentially Steve and Sam
  • see Steve and Sam's talks in the workshop
  • backwards compatibility
  • figure out difficulties with AMR and then update ET thorns to use it
  • future: automatic allocation of memory (in storage)

Education and outreach (Matt, Gab, Helvi)

  • one call early this summer
  • Steve wants to join and contribute jupyter notebooks with tutorial and such
  • Gab working with undergraduate students
  • for outreach: use ET logo in all movies done with ET for visibility
  • generic.cfg should work out of the box in any computer outside of Macs.
  • problem with Macs that it called "gcc" what is actually clang (which doesn't understand OpenMP, for instance).

IllinoisGRMHD (Zach)

  • Zach has major contribution to upcoming release (five new thorns, more thorns proposed)
  • very active team

Spherical coordinates

  • not officially approved
  • RIT internal
  • should contact RIT folks

Performance and optimization (Erik, Roland, Helvi, Eric West)

  • idea: make the code faster
  • build infrastructure to easily check speed on new clusters and machines
  • task based parallelism in Cactus
  • someone needs to merge master with ianhinder/rkprol, benchmark, and take over
  • many bits and pieces have already been implemented and pull requests exist to merge with ET master
  • NRPy: see Zach's presentation
  • lots of work being done, but mostly behind the scenes
  • Helvi to do scaling and performance comparison with BAM, etc
  • anyone interested welcome to join

Other items

  • memory leak: Wolfgang to open ticket.
  • list of papers to cite after running ET with some list of thorns.
  • use something like joss for citations and credit?
  • ETK waveform catalog