Education and Outreach working group

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Type: ​ Working Group
Title: ​ Education and Outreach
Lead(s):​ Matt Corne <>
Approval date: ET call on 2018-08-13

Working Group Members

  • Gabrielle Allen <>
  • Matt Corne <>
  • Zach Etienne <>
  • Deborah Ferguson <>
  • Karan Jani <>
  • Maria Hamilton <​​ >
  • Helvi Witek <​​ >
  • Bhavesh Khamesra <>


NSF SI2 grant, NCSA


This working group will address the following goals for the Einstein Toolkit:

  • Expand our reach: Provide the tools and community to encourage and support new and diverse researchers in relativistic astrophysics, cosmology and physics beyond the standard model.
  • Provide Learning Materials: Establish a teaching resource bank in the Einstein Toolkit
  • Provide Scientific Outreach: Coordinate and track outreach in computational relativistic astrophysics to other science communities, K-12 and the public

Activities undertaken through this working group include

  • Include, support and track Outreach and Education goals of the NSF SI2 award and facilitate the development, support and impact of outreach and education activities though other Einstein Toolkit funded projects
  • Coordinate and help support pedagogical activities of the Einstein Toolkit such as instruction modules, summer schools, tutorials, involvement in K-12/informal learning
  • Identify and track relevant metrics for education and outreach
  • Provide a forum and webpage to discuss, collect and promote education and outreach activities undertaken by the Einstein Toolkit Community including
  • Provide and maintain a communications plan for the Einstein Toolkit, including for example outreach to other relevant projects such as LIGO, LISA, etc.
  • Monitor materials such as tutorials, examples, documentation to check they are up to date, working and informative for new users.


  • July 1 2018: Initial list of activities, milestones and deliverables collected and discussed at the Spring 2018 Einstein Toolkit Meeting
  • During SI2 Project: Modules from teaching resource bank will be used at RIT and Georgia Tech


  • SI2 Deliverable: Educational modules including lecture notes and quizzes, e.g. numerical solution of PDEs, stability/convergence, automated code generation used for instruction and publically available
  • SI2 Deliverable: Recorded lectures on gravitational physics and astrophysics topics using the Einstein Toolkit
  • SI2 Deliverable: Einstein Toolkit Apps for K-12 students