Installing and running on Stampede2

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The beginning steps are quite similar to the tutorial for beginners listed above. However, various modifications have to be made in order to accommodate the working environment at Stampede2, which is the successor to Stampede1. The guide given below will walk you through this process. Anyone who knows better ways to do what is outlined here is welcome to edit this page (mercilessly, as stated elsewhere!).

The first step is, as usual, to grab GetComponents and make it executable:

curl -O -L
chmod +x GetComponents

Then you have to retrieve everything


Next move into Cactus and run the setup

cd Cactus
./simfactory/bin/sim setup

This will produce the file "simfactory/etc/defs.local.ini". You will be prompted for, among other things, your allocation. That will be something like TG-TRA160063. You will need this in order to run jobs in the batch queues.

Next comes the build. Be prepared to wait quit a while (and leave your computer up, running and connected to Stampede2 for possibly a few hours):

./simfactory/bin/sim build --machine stampede2 --thornlist manifest/ sim-knl