Organization and Responsibilities

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This page is for planning out areas of responsibility for the Einstein Toolkit Maintainers.

  • Web pages
  • Services (email lists, SVN, etc)
  • Adding new members and dealing with test accounts
  • Testsuites
  • Visualisation
  • Documentation
  • Add more ...

Areas of Responsibility for Each Maintainer

Name Area Thorns
Gabrielle Allen
  • (Proposal Writing)
Frank Löffler
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Initial Data
  • EinsteinAnalysis: Hydro_Analysis
  • EinsteinBase: HydroBase
  • EinsteinEOS: EOSG_Hybrid EOSG_IdealFluid EOSG_Polytrope EOS_Hybrid EOS_IdealFluid EOS_Polytrope
  • EinsteinEvolve: GRHydro
  • EinsteinInitialData: GRHydro_InitData Hydro_InitExcision TOVSolver TwoPunctures
  • EinsteinUtils: SetMask_SphericalSurface
Erik Schnetter
  • Connection to Cactus Framework and Carpet Infrastructure
  • (ICH: connection to SimFactory as well Erik?)
  • HPC accounts and allocations
  • NMI build and test infrastructure
  • EinsteinAnalysis: AHFinderDirect
  • EinsteinBase: ADMBase, TmunuBase
  • EinsteinEvolve: NewRad
  • EinsteinInitial: IDFileADM, Meudon_Bin_BH, Meudon_Bin_NS, Meudon_Mag_NS
  • EinsteinUtils: TGRtensor
  • McLachlan
Ian Hinder
  • Connection to Kranc
  • Build and test system
  • EinsteinAnalysis: Multipole, WeylScal4
Roland Haas
  • testsuites
  • Hydro Analysis
  • Initial Data
  • ET component testing
  • EinsteinEvolve: GRHydro
  • EinsteinAnalysis: Hydro_Analysis
  • EinsteinInitialData: TOVSolver TwoPunctures
Peter Diener
  • Spacetime evolution