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Note that we created a new wiki page Release coordination to discuss details.

Schedule for ET_2018_08

  • 2018-08-27 slight freeze
  • 2018-09-07 complete freeze, everything should be done and waiting
  • 2018-09-14 pull the trigger, make all the branches

New thorns: Giraffe, RNSID, WVUThorns What else?

Schedule for ET_2018_02

  • 2018-02-07: Complete freeze: no new additions to the toolkit (no changes)
  • 2018-01-26: Slight freeze: no new major additions to the toolkit (new thorns or tools, major patches)
  • 2018-01-26: Feature freeze: no new features allowed anymore, extensive testing begins. We make an exception for RNS Id thorn and Erik's Darwin patch.
  • 2018-02-02: Release branches are created, development version un-frozen again
  • 2018-02-09: Total freeze of release branches, preparation of tar-balls etc. begins
  • 2018-02-12: Target release date (or earlier if "ready")


Not going to make it before the release, should be done directly after:


  • The release branch name will be ET_2018_02
  • The release name is Hack.
  • The list of proposed names for last release was
    • Chien-Shiung Wu
    • Lorentz
    • Tesla <-- This release
    • DeWitt
    • Feynman
    • Turing
    • Planck
  • Prior releases
  • The list of names already used
    • Hack: June 2017
    • Payne-Gaposchkin: Nov 2016
    • Brahe: May 2016
    • Sommerville: Nov 2015
    • Hilbert: May 2015
    • Herschel: Nov 2014
    • Wheeler: May 2014
    • Noether: Nov 2013
    • Gauss: May 2013
    • Ørsted: Nov 2012
    • Lovelace: May 2012
    • Maxwell: Oct 2011
    • Curie: May 2011
    • Chandrasekhar: Nov 2010
    • Bohr: June 2010
  • Testsuite status page
  • Instructions for running the tests using SimFactory: Testsuite Machines
  • Release announcements: wiki sandbox
  • See list in Release Process
  • Testing is performed on the latest version of common operating systems, for example Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux, Mac OS etc. People often want to build the ET on their laptop or workstation. Instructions for which packages etc are needed can be found in the respective Simfactory option list. This information could also be provided on the Cactus website.

Release Plan

Test status is on Release coordination page.

Regenerate all Kranc thorns (McLachlan, EinsteinExact and WeylScal4) Ian Done
Regenerate all documentation web pages To do
Test all examples in the gallery ( with the current thornlist, and update the thornlist mentioned on the page Multipatch: Ian ( , BBH: Ian Multipatch: Done, BBH: Done
Update Tutorials Simplified: Roland To do
(Re)run Testsuites
(private) 105aff02 (OSX, High Siera with HomeBrew)Roland
OSX, High Siera with MacPortsIanDone (05-Feb-2018)
(private) betheRoland
bluewatersRolandFailures for test_ah, test_ob, test_idaxibrill and test_idaxibrill_nostagger are SEGFAULTs in useta_@shmgp.f:1124 that persist even when I move from gcc 4.9 to gcc 6.3 so seem genuine and not compiler bug
(private) ekohaes8 (Debian Testing)Roland
shelob Roland
supermike Roland needs work on option list
galileo RobertoCINECA Tier1 Machine
marconi A1 RobertoCINECA Tier0 Machine
marconi A2 RobertoCINECA Tier0 Machine (KNL)
supermuc ?
(private) amarok Peter
(private) cygnus Matt
(private) newhorizonsYosef
(private) redshift Erik good
(private) spine (Debian Jessie) Frank ok
(private) titan Erik good
Check & Improve Documentation (www, wiki)everyoneTo do
Write announcement texts (Detailed Release Announcement)FrankTo do
Create release branchbitbucket FrankTo do FrankTo do FrankTo do do FrankTo do