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The Einstein Toolkit depends on a number of services managed by the ET maintainers. Here we list each of these, and give any relevant information. Ideally, this page should be sufficient for a maintainer to deal with urgent issues relating to these services in case the primary administrator is unavailable.






  • Location: A VM at CCT
  • Administrator: Steve Brandt
  • The trac machine is the same as It is installed in /svn/trac. If one has root access, and the need arises, one can administer it with the trac-admin command line tool.

Mailing lists

Cactus services?


  • Owned by LSU
  • Notes: Cannot point subdomains to any machines not controlled directly by LSU

Build and test

  • Location: A VM in NCSA Nebula
  • Administrator: Ian Hinder
  • Detailed documentation at BuildAndTest
  • Notes:
    • Jenkins runs on the build master, and can connect to a variety of build nodes. One such node is also hosted on Nebula, and is currently (10-May-2017) the only working build node.
    • Depends on the git super-repository
    • A login node for people to test failures on a system very similar to the build node is available at Contact Ian Hinder for access.

Git updater

  • Location: A VM in NCSA Nebula
  • Administrator: Ian Hinder
  • Notes:
    • This server periodically updates its local copies of the ET repositories and updates the git super-repository at It also hosts and updates git-svn mirrors of the subversion repositories needed for the ET, so that the super-repository can use them.