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Projects for Summer Students

This page lists some projects for summer students, suitable e.g. for an REU student or Google Summer of Code students. Most of these projects are both self-contained and open-ended, and could be extended at will.

(Entry format: Subproject: Title [Required knowledge -- potential supervisor])

Computer Science

  • Simfactory: Automate archiving of simulation results [Python -- Roland, Erik]
  • Simfactory: add and test code to resubmit jobs automatically based on Cactus status return [Python -- Roland]
    • ICH: already implemented in SimFactory 3
  • Carpet: Collect performance statistics of parallel HPC simulations, output and display these [C++, MPI -- Erik]
  • Carpet: Design and implement a tree data structure for (integer) bounding boxes [C++ -- Erik]
  • McLachlan: Improve performance of OpenCL code on CPUs [OpenCL, assembler -- Erik]
  • McLachlan: Improve performance of OpenCL code on GPUs [OpenCL, GPUs -- Erik]
  • Cactus: Implement an interface between Cactus and PETSc [C/C++, parallel elliptic solver -- Ian, Erik, Eloisa, Roland]
  • Cactus: Provide generic output routines ( (taken) [C, C++ -- Roland]
  • Carpet: populate Carpet::point_classification [C++ -- Roland, Erik; partially done by Roland]
  • Cactus: support HDF5 data in tests [Perl, python -- Roland]
  • Cactus: use doxygen or similar to parse grdoc comments and use them to auto-generate cctk reference manual [doxygen -- Roland]
  • Website: set up mailman3 for ET mailing list including clickable links to archived emails [none -- Roland though needs to be done at LSU]
  • Website: produce map of ET users automatically (ticket: [none -- Roland]
  • MoL: fully integrate IMEX operators ( [none -- Roland]

Finished projects

  • Carpet: write a single output files per MPI rank rank rather than one per group or one per variable [C++ -- Roland]
  • GetComponents: track component inter-dependencies to handle components being checked out into directories provided by others [Perl -- Roland]
  • Cactus/MoL: investigate performance of Adams-Bashforth time integrators in MoL [none -- Roland, Ian, Erik; summer student at NCSA]
  • Cactus/MoL: add startup code for Adams-Bashforth time integrators to MoL [C -- Roland, Erik, Ian; summer student at NCSA]
    • ICH: is this useful without corresponding code in Carpet to remove the buffer zones?
    • RH: it is probably not sufficient, but is necessary to get things working. I am still not sure if the buffer zones cannot be removed during checkpoint recovery. It may also be possible without.
    • this project is done, unfortunately no speedup.
  • Cactus: support running tests in parallel (done by Steve and Roland) [Perl -- Roland]