Visualizing magnetic field lines

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For the ET MHD paper, I wanted to visualize magnetic field lines as done in figure 4 of DelZannaa 2002. For this I wanted to use VisIt on 2d hdf5 output (unigrid) from Carpet. The data and paremter files can be found in the MHD paper repository [1].

To visualize them, one has to do the "usual VisIt" stuff to get a vector into VisIt. Ie.

  • open the file in VisIt
  • create a new vector Expression (Control/Expressions...)


that combines the three components into a single vector (the precise names of the scalars differ from version to version in VisIt).

  • add a "Streamline" plot and the "Project" operator
  • set the streamline options as shown below


  • you can find the full settings in the session file in the rotor repository [2]
  • the final plot should look like this: