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Spring Einstein Toolkit Workshop 2012

We prepared a flyer, which can be printed or otherwise distributed.


The Einstein Toolkit ( will host its spring workshop 2012 following the April APS meeting in Atlanta, GA, from Tuesday, April 3rd 4pm to Friday April 6th noon.

This workshop is targeted at new and potential new users of the relativity infrastructure. It will provide a general introductions into numerical relativity (although some previous knowledge would be beneficial) and in code development within large collaborations. Hands-on sessions will help to familiarize attendees with the Einstein Toolkit. Participants are asked to bring their own laptops. We would like to invite especially students from physics and computer science to participate.

The number of attendees is limited, and while registration is free, it is required. We anticipate to be able to support a small number of participants financially, by covering parts/all of their travel, hotel and meal cost. Preference will be given to students.

In order to register, write an email to, specify:

  • your name, affiliation and title
  • your estimated arrival and departure time/date
  • whether you apply for support (and if so, state if you are undergraduate / graduate student / postdoc)
  • your special needs

Detailed workshop information can be found at

The Einstein Toolkit Consortium.

Spacetime Coordinates and Contact Information

Dates Tues, 3. April @ 4pm -- Fri, 6. April @ noon
Location Room 319, Georgia Tech Student Center, Georgia Tech, Atlanta
Contacts Workshop email list:, emergencies: Frank Löffler (, +1-225-202-1752) or Tanja Bode (, +1-814-360-2715)
Hotel A small block of rooms was reserved at the Hampton Inn Atlanta - Georgia Tech, 244 North Ave NW (404-881-0881). The group rate was $117 per night plus tax (appr. 16%, resulting in a ~$136 rate) and included a hot breakfast and high speed wireless access. A group web page was available to book online, or you could reserve by phone at 404-881-0881 and ask for the "Einstein Toolkit Workshop" rate. Attendees had until 20. March to reserve.

In addition, a small block of rooms were reserved at the Hotel Midtown Atlanta. The group rate was $89 per night for single occupancy, including breakfast and high-speed internet. For an additional person, add $10 (to cover breakfast costs). Though less convenient to either the APS meeting or this workshop, both can be conveniently reached by transit from the Midtown MARTA station a block away. Reservations at this rate could be done by phone only at 404-873-4800. The block of rooms was released on 26. March.

Transportation - Hotel The best way to get to the hotels from the airport (or elsewhere) is by taking MARTA's red or gold rail line, which costs $2.50 one-way. The Hotel Midtown Atlanta is a block away from Midtown station. For the Hampton Inn, get off at the North Avenue station. It should take approximately 20 minutes to either station. From North Ave station, walk west for ~0.5 miles or transfer to MARTA bus route 26 to the stop immediately in front of the Hampton Inn.
Transportation - Workshop The student center is a 5-minute (~1/3 mile) walk [1] from Hampton Inn. From the Hotel Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Tech campus (specifically the student center) can be easily reached by taking the Georgia Tech Trolley (free) from the Midtown MARTA station to its end station.
Transportation - From the APS (Hyatt) The Workshop is a 1.5 mile walk from the Hyatt where the APS is taking place. The most convenient way to reach the Workshop location on Tuesday is to take MARTA Bus Route 1 from Spring St [2] (a block away from the Hyatt) directly to the workshop hotel.

Participant List

Below are the ET volunteers who will be presenting or heading parts of the sessions.

Name Affiliation
Tanja Bode Georgia Tech
Dennis Castleberry Louisiana State University
Peter Diener Louisiana State University
Josh Faber Rochester Institute of Technology
Roland Haas Caltech
Frank Löffler Louisiana State University
Bruno Mundim Rochester Institute of Technology

The current participant list as of 4. April 2012 follows, in alphabetical order. Please indicate whether you have already arranged for lodgings so that others looking for hotel roommates may most easily find them. This page is editable in general (though IPs are logged), so please manage your own lodging status.

Name Affiliation
Majd Abdelqader Queens University
Rafael Aranha Georgia Tech
Grayson Carroll Belmont University
Roseanne Cheng UNC-Chapel Hill
Michael Clark Georgia Tech
Brett Deaton Washington University
Tehani K. Finch Howard University
Gary Forrester University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Brian Friesen University of Oklahoma
Rita Garrido Georgia Tech
Joshua Harris Louisiana State University
Scott Hawley Belmont University
Matt Kinsey Georgia Tech
Jussara Marandola Kofuji Georgia Tech
Kostas Kokkotas Universität Tübingen
Hari Krishnan Louisiana State University
Sean McWilliams Princeton
Philipp Moesta Caltech
Tuan Anh Nguyen Georgia Tech
Prabath Peiris Rochester Institute of Technology
Larne Pekowsky Georgia Tech
Prayash Sharma Pyakurel Truman State University
Christian Reisswig Caltech
Ian Ruchlin Rochester Institute of Technology
Carl Rodriguez Northwestern University
Chao Shi Georgia Tech
Cody Simmons North Carolina State University
Magda Slawinska Georgia Tech
Petr Tsatsin Florida Atlantic University
Alex Vañô Viñuales University of the Balearic Islands
Andrew Vu Emory University
Konstantin Yakunin Florida Atlantic University / ORNL

In-Workshop Details


Day Time Activity Presenter / Responsible
Tue 16:00-17:30 Setup for early birds Tanja Bode, Roland Haas, Frank Löffler
Wed 08:00-08:30 Setup for late birds Tanja Bode, Roland Haas, Frank Löffler
Wed 08:30-09:00 Opening, Introduction (slides) Frank Löffler
Wed 09:00-09:30 Introduction to Scientific Software & HPC (slides) Frank Löffler
Wed 09:30-10:00 Introduction to Cactus (high-level) (slides) Frank Löffler
Wed 10:00-10:30 Discussion and break
Wed 10:30-11:15 Introduction to General Relativity (slides) Joshua Faber
Wed 11:15-12:00 Introduction on Cactus Thorn-Writing (lower level) (slides) Joshua Faber
Wed 12:00-13:00 Lunch break
Wed 13:00-13:30 Introduction to Workshop development environment Dennis Castleberry
Wed 13:30-14:15 Hands-on, provided Wave-Equation example within Cactus (slides) Roland Haas
Wed 14:15-15:15 Introduction numerical methods & numerical Relativity (slides) Bruno Mundim, Peter Diener
Wed 15:15-15:45 Discussion and break
Wed 15:45-17:30 Running and extending (par-file) of two provided examples: perturbed, single BH, and perturbed, single TOV star Frank Löffler, Bruno Mundim
Thu 08:00-09:00 Introduction in Scientific visualization - a bit of theory and a lot of practice (slides) Tanja Bode
Thu 09:00-10:00 Invited Talk I -- Matt Duez, Washington University: The Challenge of interpreting data in numerical relativity
Thu 10:00-10:30 Discussion and break
Thu 10:30-11:15 Hands-on: Using visualization tools to look at meaningful quantities ( TOV profile evolutions ) (slides) Tanja Bode
Thu 11:15-12:00 Create movie of either BH+GW or TOV oscillations using VisIt (slides, TOV session file, TOV data file, Psi4 session file, Psi4 data file) Roland Haas
Thu 12:00-13:00 Lunch
Thu 13:00-14:15 Hands-on: Implement your own thorn (neutron star tracking), and visualize it, in teams of about 5 people (slides), more information at end of wiki Roland Haas
Thu 14:15-15:15 Invited Talk II -- John Wise, Georgia Tech: Basic Enzo Algorithms
Thu 15:15-15:45 Discussion and break
Thu 15:45-17:30 Hands-on: continuation Roland Haas
Fri 08:00-09:00 Presentation of visualization of result of previous session, 6 teams: 8 min each Frank Löffler
Fri 09:00-10:00 Invited talk III -- Gabrielle Allen, LSU (slides)
Fri 10:00-10:30 Discussion and break
Fri 10:30-11:00 Tour through available ET components (slides) Peter Diener
Fri 11:00-11:30 Overview over supercomputing resources, introduction on how to get accounts / allocations, trends in HPC, reminder how to get ET help in the future (slides) Joshua Faber, Peter Diener
Fri 11:30-12:00 The future of the ET: everything we didn't talk about (EOSs, refluxing, multiblock, MHD, radiation etc.) (slides) Frank Löffler


  • Wireless access is through the GTVisitor network. One account per person, please. It will work on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The virtual machine for the workshop is [3] and will run in virtualbox

Hands on material


The source code for the example thorn and the slides is available at via

 cd $HOME
 ./GetComponents -a
 cd Cactus
 echo 'Introduction/WaveToy' >>configs/sim/ThornList
 simfactory/bin/sim build

Once built, you can run this in one line via simfactory

 simfactory/bin/sim create-run wavetoy --parfile wavetoy-misc/WaveToy.par

Static TOV

Edit par/static_tov.par as Frank indicated and save as $HOME/Cactus/fast_tov.par

To run enter:

 cd $HOME/Cactus
 exe/cactus_sim fast_tov.par

Visualization, Hands-on I

Download the slides and some extra sample data via

 cd $HOME
 svn co .

Make sure you have 3d data! If not, add these lines to your tov parameter file and rerun for a bit:

 CarpetIOHDF5::out3d_every = 1
 CarpetIOHDF5::out3d_vars = " HydroBase::rho "

These give data under the file name Alternatively, add the following parameters

 CarpetIOHDF5::out_every = 1
 CarpetIOHDF5::out_vars = "HydroBase::rho"

which give data under the file rho.h5. Either way works fine. We will assume the latter for the moment.

Follow the directions on the first slides to create a plot of how the evolving TOV differs from its initial state.

Other suggestions for visualization tasks are contained in the slides.

Analysis: Thorn Writing

Roland's partial and full thorn solutions are available via

  ./GetComponents -a

Area Details

  • For on-campus directions please consult the link of a detailed map of the Georgia Tech Campus: [4]
  • For directions of Midtown and Downtown Atlanta follow the link [5]


Places to Eat On-Campus: Technology Square, located on 5th Street and Spring Street, has a variety of good and cheap restaurants including:

  • Tin Drum Asia Cafe
  • Ray's New York Pizza
  • Chuck's Famous
  • Barrelhouse
  • 5th Street Ribs n' Blues
  • Umma's House Restaurant and Cafe
  • Waffle House
  • Moe's Southwest Grill
  • St. Charles Deli

The Student Center [6] has:

  • Chick-fil-a
  • Taco Bell
  • Subway
  • A pub style at Jackets
  • Einstein's Bagels
  • Ferst Place (Located on the 3rd floor)
  • Ferst Food Court (Located on the 2nd floor)

Places to Eat Off-campus :

  • Varsity (American)
61 North Ave. NW
  • Goodfellas (American)
615 Spring Street
  • The Real Chow Baby (American Stir Fry)
1016 Howell Mill Road
  • Zen on Ten Asian Bistro (Sushi)
1000 Northside Dr. NW
  • Spoon (Thai)
768 Marietta Street
  • The Vortex (American)
878 Peachtree Street NE
  • Taco Mac (American)
933 Peachtree St NE
  • La Fonda Latina (Mexican)
1025 Howell Mill Road
  • Prickly Pear (Mexican)
950 West Peachtree St NE
  • TheTenth Thai
132 10th Street Northeast (Thai)


  • Publix at The Plaza Midtown (Supermarket)
950 W Peachtree St NW
  • Midtown Market (Sundries)
225 10th St NE
  • Walmart Supercenter (Supermarket)
1801 Howell Mill Rd Nw
  • Walgreens (Pharmacy)
595 Piedmont Ave., Ste. 100
  • CVS (Pharmacy)
842 Peachtree Street NE


  • Manuel's Tavern [7] (also the site of Astrophysics unplugged)
  • Blind Willie's [8]