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* [[Carpet Wish List]]
* [[Carpet Wish List]]
* [[Editing the website]]
* [[Editing the website]]
* [[Usage poll]]
* [[Repository transition]]
* [[Repository transition]]
* [[Tickets]]
* [[Tickets]]

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Documentation for the Einstein Toolkit is a community effort and everyone is encouraged to contribute towards these pages. You need to login to the wiki to edit the documentation, to do this either

  • if you already have a personal LDAP login with the CCT use this
  • create you own login/password for the wiki (select local domain)

If you would like to make major changes to these pages please discuss first on the users@einsteintoolkit.org mail list.

Thanks for your contributions!

Weekly Users Call

Einstein Toolkit Working Groups and Development Teams

The idea of establishing working groups for the Einstein Toolkit was discussed at the Summer 2017 Workshop at NCSA, and is now being implemented. The initial ET Working Group Policies and Procedures document has been discussed and approved. New working groups should be proposed using the Working Group Template.

Planned Groups:

Established Groups:

Einstein Toolkit workshop information


Einstein Toolkit Seminars

It would be nice to organize a semi-regular series of talks with topics of general interest. This should include not only people from within the Einstein Toolkit. The ET web page already contains a (currently quite short) list, and now it is time to propose upcoming talks. In order to record and story voiced proposals, please use the wiki page Einstein Toolkit Seminar Proposals.

Release planning

  • Release Details - Plan, status and checklist for the upcoming release
  • Release Process - Description of the process that we go through for each release


Regression Test Results

You can run regression tests using SimFactory.

Results from automated tests are available at https://build.barrywardell.net.

Performance Test Results


Completed Projects


Getting Started with Wikis